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Benefits | NaraMilano


Extraordinary knowledge of the brand

Exceptional quality / price ratio

Surprising marginality on sales

no warehouse investments

B2B reassortment system

Continuous monitoring of sales

High turnover per employee

Simplified management of the sales activity

High profitability of the invested capital


The product NaraMilano

The offer

The offer of the new NaraMilano starts from the heritage inherited from its founders, from which it has preserved the know-how of the shirt, to reinterpret and renew it in a fresher and more contemporary key.

The total look

The proposal expands, transforming itself into an eclectic total look, which manages to collect feminine looks, at times romantic, but above all practical and everyday. The brand's mission is to achieve a new contemporaneity, which allows all women to feel beautiful and at ease on the various occasions of the day.

The Mission

The iconic garment of the brand always remains the shirt, which from year to year aims to renew itself, becoming the object of desire to make every outfit special.

The evolution

The new Nara creates a unique, feminine, elegant but at the same time versatile collection for each season, designed to accompany the woman in all her adventures, making her shine in her daily travels.

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